I am available for guest lectures at on the topics of Game Audio, Immersive Audio, Software Synthesis and Procedural Audio.

The lectures can be highly taylored to needs of each institution and can consist of lectures alone, or a mix of lectures and hands on activities. 

The participants of the Game Audio Seminar after completing the week long seminar. Tired, but happy!

The participants of the Game Audio Seminar after completing the week long seminar. Tired, but happy!

Lecturing on Game Audio in Brazil

A testimonial from a week long intensive seminar on game audio that I conducted in 2014 at the Portodigital Institute in Recife, Brazil.

"Jean-Luc Sinclair came to Recife in May 2014 as a visiting tutor to teach a 40-hour intensive seminar on sound design for films and games at Portomídia, which is Porto Digital’s center for creative technology, situated in Northeast Brazil. The course was organized for a group of 20 students and sound professionals, who were looking to acquire new knowledge and have the opportunity to work in a new field (especially that of game audio). Jean-Luc’s taylor-made and thoroughly designed course exceeded their expectations. Despite the participants‘ differences in their level of knowledge of the topic, Jean-Luc had a great methodology and gave the group an adequate balance of theory and practice, whereby they were able to get hands-on experience of the complex concepts and techniques they were being introduced to. Moreover, he was incredibly dedicated to the students‘ development, giving them solid feedback and time to see them improve. His ability to listen to everyone in class, his flexibility and his inclusive approach to teaching are admirable. "

Mariana Cunha - Former Education Coordinator at Portomídia, Porto Digital, Recife, Brazil (2013-2015)  

In December 2015 I was invited for a week long stay at the Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The Lectures focused on the topic of audio and sound design for virtual reality and music production. Video game sound was also extensively covered. Though the course was very intense and packed, thanks to the caliber and dedication of the students we were able to maintain a casual atmosphere.